Subject: Business Administration High-level Training on how to work on the success of companies and institutions.
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Date: on 5-6-7 November 2018,
Organized by: AKSM EVENTS
Event For: Businessmen

The Aksm Business Conference


Subject Timing
Registration and serving snacks, hot drinks and juices 10.00
Introduction and definition of the conference 11.00
The stages of establishing companies, institutions and projects

• Steps taken prior to the decision to establish the company

• Feasibility studies

• Identify business environment and related legislation

• Establishment procedures

Definition of management and successful management standards 12.15
Risk management and its impact on the continuity and expansion of the company

• Potential risk analysis and identification

• Identify the impact of different risks on the company

• Develop plans and procedures to meet and overcome risks

Break, lunch and public relations 02.00
Definition of the management of public relations and its role in the success of companies and institutions

• Communication skills and importance for the success of companies

• Principles and objectives of public relations management

Break and offer drinks and juices 04.00
Defining human resources management and identifying successful leadership skills

• The impact and importance of human resource management for projects

• How to choose cadres and competencies

• Compliance with relevant legal requirements

Participation of the main sponsor in his experience in the success of the administration 05.30


Program Timing
Registration and serving snacks, hot drinks and juices 10.00
Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan

– The importance of marketing management to the continuity and growth of the company

– Competitors’ data and marketing strategy

– Consumer behavior and enlightenment on the marketing plan

Sales & Customer Service Department

– Definition of sales management

– The importance of cooperation between sales management and marketing management

– Credit and collection policies

Executive Management and its effective role in the success of projects 01.00
Break, lunch and public relations 02.00
Strategic Planning

– Definition of strategic planning

– The importance of planning the establishment and periodic review of the strategic plan

– General objectives and detailed plans

Share distinctive signs of her experience to support entrepreneurs 04.00
The role of the public economy in influencing projects

– Definition of the general and kidney economy

– Policies of central banks and their impact on the economic climate

05.00 – 06.00


Program Timing
Registration and serving snacks, hot drinks and juices 10.00
Financial management strategy and its impact on the success of companies and institutions

• Definition of financial management and its components

• Estimated budgets as a control tool

• Identify the behavior and types of costs

• Cost-effectiveness and reduction of costs

• The difference between financial management and management of funds

How to convert project weaknesses into strengths

– Assisting disadvantaged enterprises in the transformation of profitability

– Restructuring, methods and forms

– Analysis of the causes of stumbling to avoid future

Participation of the founders of international companies in their experience to support entrepreneurs 01.00
Break, lunch and public relations 02.00
Legal Department and ways to provide legal protection for companies and institutions 03.00
Break and offer drinks and juices 04.00
The end of the conference and the delivery of certificates of appreciation to all the participants of the conference by the company Aksm Events 04.30 – 6.00

Business administration is the implementation of a set of policies laid by the administration, contributes to the determination of responsibilities followed by achieving the benefits of business. In addition, the business administration is also defined as the processes or activities that are applied within the establishment to reach the specified objective through the presence of persons responsible for work, who are called the nomination of administration. Other definitions of business administration are the duties followed by the administration towards the direction of work, which depends upon the pursuit of access to the objectives required by the implementation of each branch or section of the work environment and the responsibilities followed by. The business administration is defined academically that it is the study depends upon knowledge administration principles in the business sector, and include attaining all of the university degrees from Bachelor stage reaching to high studies.

  • A scientific conference for high-level training to businessmen to know how to work on the success of companies and institutions. It will be held in the Emirate of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, attended by agreat elite of accredited trainers from international universities in the field of administration and human development, establishment of companies, sales, marketing, financial management,public relations and registration of commercial brands.
  • The conference will discuss everything related to companies, the way of its management, increasing their production and raising their sales. In addition, it will tackle the effective methods to the way of dealing with the personnel and employees since they are the basis for raising the level of any establishment. Therefore, the trainers who will attend the conference are qualified trainers at high degree of experience since they are coming from the greatest and most famous international universities to supervise completely upon the conference and everything related to it for period of three days. They will also be under your control to answer all your questions and inquiries. The idea of ​​the conference is not limited to establishments, companies and its chairmen, but it includes the beginners or researchers in the market of work, advisingthat the trainers will have fingerprint in this field to assist this group and guide them to the right way to get a prestigious work opportunity.
  • Authenticated certificates will be delivered at the end of the training course, in the presence of an elite of businessmen from all countries, in the presence of some officials in the governmental bodies specialized in the establishment of companies and institutions, the issuance of commercial licenses and also officials in the Ministry of Economy, General Administration of Residence and Personnel Affairs andMinistry of Human Resources. Great awards will be delivered to the companies and institutions with successful models in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The objectives of the conference will be of great and effective benefit to all participants during the conference period (three days) where the experience will be attained from the side of the participantsby the companies participating in the conference which the participants may take years to acquire, but AKSMconference will submit and provide these experiences in your hands by competent trainersspecialized in business administration and establishment of the companies which will refer upon you with benefit after your participation in this conference in particular. Among the objectives that will be included by the conference are:
  • Attending the men of thought, experts and those concerned with the establishments, greatand governmental companies and even private ones in the conference to discuss ways of development in the success of companies and institutions.
  • Creating opportunities for acquaintance and coordination of communication between the researchers themselves on the one hand and the scientific community on the other.
  • Providing the opportunity for participants for cooperation to perform joint researches that process the risks to which any company is exposed and the challenges we face.
  • Training uponthe management of companies and institutions through spreading the spirit of research work and training upon applicationof the results of researches in future projects and presentation of results in conferences and forums.
  • Strengthening scientific, cultural and technical cooperation in all fields with different bodies and institutions.
  • Making available the opportunity before the companies that are not widely known to identify themselves.
  • Assessmentof the applied capabilitiesand benefiting from them.
  • Assuring upon the importance of disseminating the values ​​that assistto launch the hidden capabilities for the employees and personnel.
  • Concerning with new ideas, initiatives and activating relationships in order to encourage participants to engage in future intellectual conferences.
  • Establishment and management of companies.
  • Human development department.
  • Companies business development.
  • Success of marketing plan.
  • Registration of trademarks.
  • Risk protection.
  • Success of financial department.
  • Public relations management between institutions and individuals.

All of these and more will be under the supervision of a group of experienced and specialized trainers, graduated from the largest international universities in the field of business administration and human development.

  • AKSM conference is an international conference by all standards and will provide countless benefits to everyone who will join and participate in it, which will grant opportunities for the exchange of ideas between the attendants of the same levels. Besides, there will begroup discussions between them and the trainers in addition to the possibility of registering and writing down the largest amount of information that will assistupon business administrationand its development.
  • Also, each participant will benefit from the opportunity for meeting and acquaintance with senior personalities internationally well-knownand existent in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The owners of companies participating in the conference will enable to take the opportunity to give a speech about their companies to introduce them, publish their statements and the most important advantages and tasks in the internal market and how it can be managed and led to reach the rank of international well-known commercial brands.
  • Benefiting and awareness of each beginner participant and drafting steady steps for him in the right track to form a new establishment and give it a commercial name and itspromotion in the internal and external market.
  • Hence, we in AKSM conference offer you a wide range of consultants, executive managers and trainers with high experience in major local and international companies and major universities and training institutes, which are witnessedwith great success in the growth and prosperity of the companies they work in. That is by presenting their administrative plans to the visitors of the conference in a way assists in success of management of human resources of your company and consequently, the growth of profits, success of the marketing plan and good customer service.
  • AKSM conference provides a means of communication with well-known international consultants in addition to low cost and effective solutions. We assist our visitors in establishment of their businesses in free zones and throughout the United Arab Emirateswhere we have clear objectives; we combine between international consultative skills with innovative local experience and creativity to develop the best solutions for visitors in one place. Our approach combines between the rapid diagnosis of issues related to your business needs with the experts’ opinion and thus improving the performance of companies in a sustainable manner. We will assist you in providing services and solutions of the companies to a wide range of industries in the United Arab Emirates, including trading, tourism, construction, real estate, general trading, gold and diamond trading, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, facilities management, manufacturing and many more.

AKSM conference proudly provides a wide range of services and solutions aimed at improving quality and improving customer service.

The advantages will be provided by the conference will include the following:

  • Providing VIP invitation cards for attending the openingceremony of the conference.
  • Assigning a free colorful advertising page to the platinum sponsor in the electronic council website.
  • Putting the main sponsor’s logo in a large display screen inside the conference session halls.
  • Putting the name and logo of the supporting body on the requirements and publications of the conference.
  • Putting the name and logo of the supporting body and a profile around it on the website of the conference.
  • The inclusion of a brochure on the supporting sponsoring institution or body in the participants’ portfolio in the conference.
  • The inclusion of the sponsor’s logo on all the requirements of the conference.
  • Printing the name and commercial brand (logo) of the main sponsor on the large event posters at the entrance to the Conference Center and behind the speakers in the conference.
  • Highlighting the sponsor’s logo in the exhibition sponsors list in the website.
  • Highlighting the sponsor’s logo in some elements of marketing in social media.
  • Sponsor’s logo is in the paper and electronic conference advertisings.
  • Allocation of a space for the supporting body to offer its services in the reception hall of the conference.
  • Notifyingto the supporting institutions in the journalistic news and means of media.
  • Honoring the sponsoring institutions of the conferenceat the closing ceremony.
  • Obtaining the certificate of participation in the appropriate training courses signed by the participating experts.
  • Establishing business relationships with the elite, personalities of the community and investment experts participating in the forum.
  • A suite in a privileged location at the entrance of the hall of the conference.
  • Obtaining an advertising campaign for all participants.
  • All participants will be handed acertificate internationally certified and authenticated bythe major international universities.
  • Participants’ names and information will be taken at the beginning of the conference, and will be sent to the concerned body in order that each certificate will be printed separately, which will contain the name of the participant and the date of its issuance and will be certified and signed, advising that the certificate issued by the conference will be a big addition to all participants.
  • The media campaign of the conference will be intensive and comprehensive for all aspects and on a wide scale, which will include social media sites of all kinds, proposing the brochures and catalogs specialized for the conference, the date and place of the conference as well as the value of participation in the conference. There will also be comprehensive coverage of the journalism, television and websites which will target interested and appropriate group to attend the conference.
  • The media coverage will be before the date of the conference to be identified and will remain until the date of the conference and also its conclusion.