Our company is specialized in preparing and organizing different events, forums and conferences in different cultural, economic, sporting, social fields and others. That is at different local, regional and international levels. Our company provides the services related with these events, launching from the first idea and ending with implementation in final form starting from preparing the profile and directions, hosting the speakers and experts, receiving the guests, organizing the activities of event, providing the prints, concerning with all details of media publication and making the work plan for the event that guarantee the human cadres, team works, services, logistic requirements, equipment and insurance plans.

Setting a marketing plan starts before the beginning of the event to attract the greatest number as possible of the participants in all sectors, companies, institutions and individuals.

Promotion and advertising campaigns of the event through social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn).

The production of a short television film to be offered at the opening ceremony includes the general idea of ​​the event and its objectives, in which a group of the ones who are in charge of the event and senior guests speak, in addition to the preparation of initial materials and the collection of pictures and interviews.

Issuing a media report to contain all the news, comments, interviews and press coverage, and publishing the postings on the means of media after the event with the participants’ opinions, observations and suggestions. Thanking letters will be sent to all the organizations participating in the event.

AKSM company provides conferences organization and management services with international standards, providing equipment and specialized technical staff, starting from providing the hall, equipping and adapting with all the supporting services with the most recent engineering designs with the finest lighting systems, audio and visual systems to banners, advertising boards and procedure of insuring the conferences places, and sending attendance invitations to the participants.

The production of a short television film to be offered at the opening ceremony includes the general idea of ​​the conference and its objectives, in which a group of participants and sponsors, senior guests and organizers speak, in addition to the preparation of initial materials and the collection of images and interviews, production, photography and montage and direction.

We understand the needs of our customers and their ambitions to get a work in which distinction of organization is integrated with the marketing plans and the media impact of the conference. Through our integrated team, we can provide all the necessary equipment that will make your next event an excellence step that will not be forgotten.

The company has a large group of experts in the field of organizing and managing exhibitions, which enables it to organize a group of strategic exhibitions in all commercial, industrial and real estate fields and specializations. We specify the most important features of the exhibition so that we concentrate upon them to embody the character and identity of the exhibition and develop a specific and clear scenario to facilitate the visitor to wander in the exhibition without assistance. This scenario is placed on the screens and banners that we provide in all corners of the exhibition. In addition, we provide the method of displaying products through brochures and catalogs in addition to the development of a plan to publish the program and the promotion through various means of media.

Exhibiting commodities and products within exhibitions for more than one company and product requires organization with high accuracy and international specifications that attract the most number of participants and visitors. This is what AKSM company performs in its organization and management for exhibitions in different ways.

We have a professional teamwork for the marketing and promotion for the exhibitions through social media networks, websites, television programs, newspapers, magazines, advertising banners, and sending attendance invitations to visitors to achieve maximum benefit for all participants and marketing their products in the local market and the international market.

Organization and Management of Training Courses and Press Symposiums

Our company provides organization of all training courses for all sectors, institutions, companies and individuals. That is through professional and accredited trainers from international universities aiming at self development, skills growth, the acquisition of international experience in all fields, activities and training upon developing companies and institutions by setting systems with international specifications that contribute in the success of projects in all fields.

Our main objective we seek is the growing development of institutions and companies in all their projects, increasing and enhancing their production and services locally and internationally.

We also organize great press symposiums for the founders of companies, investors, businessmen and VIPs. That is attending by distinguished media teamwork from the television and the press, where we prepare the hall with all of the technical requirements, and provide the press material to be published in various means of media and social media networks.

Organization and Management of Festivals, Weddings and Fashion Shows

Organization and management of festivals for all international stars with international technique, promotion, marketing and advertising through all means of media, selecting the theater and the proper place for holding the festivals and making the necessary preparations for them including designs, posters, photography and television.

We provide you the preparation service of the bride and groom wedding with the most recent technique and international designs, photography, montage and direction, preparation of the hall, in order that your event becomes with luxurious and distinctive feature.

Organizing fashion shows for factories, brands and international fashion houses, making the necessary equipment for them, selecting the proper place, training exhibitors to present offers, providing exhibitors of both genders, photography and television filming and advertising through means of media, social media websites sites and sending attendance invitations. Our objective is our success and advertising about your designs to compete with the local and international market.

In preparing and organizing any conference for a particular company or institution, AKSM company is keen to coordinate and work hard, and to provide homogeneity among the members of the teamwork who are keen to prepare, where it is important that the conference is successful and effective because since it reflects the image of the company before the guests, in addition that the first impression always settles in the people’s minds. In addition, when organizing the conferences we should take into consideration considering the smallest to the largest details, and think about the comfort of the guests first. In order to do so, we perform the following:

  1. Determining the objectives and preparing the agenda where it is necessary to reach to a clear definition of the objectives that the company hopes to achieve from the conference because that will constitute the rest of its decisions.
  2. Preparing a list of participants and guests invited to the conference, and trying to restrict them and to make their number appropriate for the place and budget that was laid for the conference.
  3. Selection of the place of holding the conference. On selected, it should be taken into consideration number of participants, the facilities of the site, the place of parking and proximity to means of public transport, airports and hotels. On selecting the conference place, the objective should be comfort of the participants and the invited guests.
  4. Providing appropriate means of advertising where the fundamentals of the success of the conference is comprehensive media coverage through television, journalism and media in addition to marketing in the pages of newspapers, magazines and social networking sites to make sure that the media in the conference has reached the largest percentage of interested and targeted persons to participate.
  5. One of the advantages of our company is also its intensive keenness to ensure the success of any exhibition, conference or event held by it. That is to enhance the confidence of its customers. On any presentation, it should be prepared for great journalistic symposiums of the television, journalism and means of media to talk about the held exhibition, the event or the conference in addition to mentioning the most important points. That is attended by the founders and chairmen of companies themselves to speak and talk about their establishments and companies, as it is a very important and effective way to increase the number of customers for all companies on a large scale.

The main objective of the company when organizing training courses for local or foreign companies is to work on the success and development of the establishments, small and large companies alike to increase their production and maximize their profits by organizing courses from the side of specialists and competent trainers who are especially invited to attend this kind of training programs, and among the courses the trainees are looking for are the following:

  • Human development and the extent to its influence for promoting any project.
  • Consultations regarding the success of small companies as well as developing and increasing the production of large ones.
  • The way of dealing with personnel and employees to achieve more profits for the company.
  • Benefiting and learning how to set time.
  • The way of performing under pressure.
  • Self-development and learning new languages.

All institutions, companies and governmental and private entities are addressed through a specialized marketing team with a high degree of experience and professional qualification. That is to provide a group of sponsors interested in the event according to terms agreed upon with both the client and the sponsor.

The company provides attendants invitations and participants services including the design of an invitation card according to the identity of the event or incident, and distribution of these cards to public and private institutions and agencies concerned with the event, in addition to the diplomatic corporations, ministries and prominent personalities in the community. That is sufficient period prior to the event date.

AKSM company provides promotion and marketing services for the whole event upon quality of organization and management during the event itself, but also depends mainly upon its promotion and marketing in an attractive and unique way before the event and providing press and television coverage and publishing in all means of media.

Designing the videos and marketing images and its publication in all social networks, designing banners and brochures for all institutions, sectors and sponsors for all our clients aiming at advertising for them and announcement about their projects at the local and international level.

Concerning with electronic advertising by designing electronic website of the event including all its aspects, containing the date, place, method of registration, site map, the directions of the event, the information of the speakers, the organizer’s speech, the logo of the event, the sponsor’s logos and the photo exhibition and media publication. That is implemented before the beginning of the event date for targeting the greatest number of participants and visitors.

In order to guarantee reaching the event to the greatest number of the ones who use SMS messages by specifying the targeted categories and nationalities and the nature of work, in addition to sending more than one million emails talking about the campaign wanted to be promoted, and producing radio and television promo specialized for definition of the event and attendants invitation.

In order to assure of reaching the maximum degree of success, it is attached with services guarantee the preparation of the material, the event subject through photography, montage and direction.