AKSM Events company is proud to be located in the United Arab Emirates, which has converted to attraction spot and a major international center for setting up projects in various fields and hosting a wide range of events, conferences and exhibitions covering all needs of all sectors.

AKSM Events company provides its services according to the latest methods in international standards and specifications in the field of management and organization of events, conferences and exhibitions where our company has the experience, excellence and creativity in dealing with various regional and international institutions and companies.

This experience enables us to determine the type and nature of works and its development to adapt with the nature and needs of local market by providing services with international specifications.

Our company aims at improving the organization of events locally and internationally and in professional international ways through the database owned by the company and to provide the ones who are in charge of this work with participants and sponsors. That is by creating new inventive ideas linking entrepreneurs and investors to meet all needs and provide new developmental, economic and social opportunities, and establishing the professionalism in the management and execution of events in terms of organization and required services.

AKSM company has the necessary means to provide the needs of management and organization of events starting from providing the event hall, logistic devices, lighting, sound devices, recording, interpretation, designers, photographic and television photography. We have a professional staff to cover and document the event in the media and visually through its wide social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn), television programs and leading media organizations in the media field.